Dr. Gwyneira Isaac

Dr. Isaac’s research investigates knowledge systems and the relationships societies develop with their past, especially as to how this is expressed through material culture and museums. Central to this study is her fieldwork and ethnography of a tribal museum in the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico where she examined the difficulties faced by Zunis operating between Zuni and Euro-American approaches to knowledge. 


Dr. Sylvia Torti

Dr. Sylvia Torti is an ecologist and writer. Her most recent novel, Cages, was the 2016 winner of the Nicholas Schaffner Award For Music In Literature. Dr. Tori collaborated with Birding the Future on the 2017 Lab Series. Dr Torti is currently Dean of the Honors College at the University of Utah.

Dr Franz Goller

"Inspired by an early love for natural history, I have studied animal behavior and its underlying mechanisms from an integrative organismal, ecological and evolutionary perspective. My current main focus is on sound communication in tetrapods, but my interests range broadly and include thermal behavior and ecology and the evolution of physiological systems and their integration."

Many thanks to Dr. Goller for generously sharing of his time, research, and lab! 

Special thanks

Thanks to Bettina Loison for translating RheinMain Germany Series text into German

Thanks to Georg Dörr for building sculptural trailhead boxes for RheinMain Germany Series outdoor installation


Many thanks to the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County for 2018 and 2019 Artists and Scholars Project Grants! 


Arts Council Norway

Many thanks for a 2015 Art and New Technology Grant in order to complete the Norway Series! 



Cover page background photo is a derivative of Oystercatcher Eggs Norway by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen. Original file can be found here. The image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Outoor installation photo of Mid-Atlantic Series by Kate Warren for Arts in Foggy Bottom.