Rockville, Maryland 2018

For VisArts, Birding the Future specifically created a large-scale sculptural installation inspired by the historic Kaiserpanorama, a precursor to cinema. Video footage from the Goller Lab at the University of Utah explores the ethics and technological impact of research conducted in a more-than-human world. Also included is field-based photo and video material from the Birding the Future archive from locations such as the National Bird Collection at the Smithsonian, the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City as well as Andean Condor feathers in Patagonia. All of this is paired with archival military footage and still photography from the early 20th century. Multichannel sound includes calls of extinct birds combined with non-vocalization bird sounds embedded both within the sculpture as well as in the entire exhibition space.

Supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.


Kunsthall Trondheim


Photo: Amalia Fonfara / Kunsthall Trondheim.


Foggy Bottom Biennial

Washington D.C., 2016